How to Enable High Idle on a 03-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9L with a Bully Dog GT Tuner?

    How to enable and use high idle on a 5.9 Cummins using the GT

    How do I enable high idle on a 03-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9L with a Bully Dog GT Tuner?

    To enable the high idle on a 03-07 5.9 Cummins do the following:

    1. With the key on and engine off go to the main menu on the GT
    2. Select Special Functions from the main menu
    3. Select enable high idle 
    4. Select ON
    5. press go back until you are back on the main gauge screen of the device
    6. Turn the key off and pull the key out of the ignition
    7. Open the door so all the electronics in the vehicle power down
    8. High idle is now enabled

    To use the high idle feature do the following:

    1. Start the trucks engine
    2. Turn the cruise control on
    3. Press the accelerate button for the cruise control to increase idle.  Decel/Coast will lower the idle
    4. To stop high idle, you can tap the brake, the cruise cancel button, or turn cruise off.

    These steps will only work on vehicles that have the ECM B plug pin number 22 grounded from the factory.  This includes the majority of the trucks equipped with automatic transmissions.  Some trucks will require that that pin be grounded first, including many Manual transmission trucks.  There are many walk-thru guides that can be found in several forums on how to accomplish this if your truck needs it. 

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