How do I Update my Bully Dog GT Tuner?

    June 24th, 2021

    How do I update my Bully Dog GT Tuner?

    Basic Steps to Update a GT Tuner

    1. Run the Update Agent.

    2. Connect the Micro SD card to your computer.

    3. Choose the vehicle application and let the Agent search.

    4. Click the Update button.

    5. When the Update is finished, put the Micro SD card in the GT.

    6. Update the GT Platinum from the SD card by choosing Update GT Software, or Update GT Firmware on the Main Menu.  (option will be all the way at the bottom of the main menu.)

    Detailed Steps to Update a GT Tuner

    1. Open the update agent. Note: the tune will need to be uninstalled from your vehicle to update. You can check the vehicle is stock by going to show settings, the status will read “installed” or “not installed”
    2. Connect the SD with either the card reader or the GT itself and the USB cable
    3. Highlight the card in the update agent, and select “select device”

    4.    Select your device (40417, 40420, etc.) then select “download and upgrade”


    5.    Wait for the download to finish, you will see this message.


    6.    Select ok, then with the sd card in the device, go to change vehicle at the top of the menu, if it is the first time updating, and select your vehicle. Or go to update software at the bottom of the main menu to update with the latest files.

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