My Vehicle Will Not Start After Installing my Bully Dog GT Tuner

    November 10th, 2020

    Follow these troubleshooting steps if your vehicle won't start after installing your Bully Dog GT Tuner:

    The first thing to do is check the device status. 

    1. Access the Main Menu on the device.

    2. Scroll down to the Show Settings. 

    3. Check the STATUS/DOWNLOAD, if the status reads RECOVERY, the download did not finish successfully. 

    4. Press the go back option to return to the MENU and scroll up to INSTALL DOWNLOAD. 

    5. Continue through the install process once more. The recovery download will return your vehicle to stock and get it back up and running. 

    *If the STATUS/DOWNLOAD shows INSTALLED but the vehicle will not start then follow the steps below.

    1. Access the Main Menu on the device.

    2. Scroll to the bottom and select the Uninstall Download. This will remove the Bully Dog tuning and return your vehicle to stock.

    3. Follow the onscreen prompts until the device shows you have returned your vehicle to stock successfully. 

    If you the problem persists please contact our Technical Support team via phone with your device, vehicle, and access to a PC computer.

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