How To Set and Edit Gauge Inputs for your X4

    September 22nd, 2020

    Step 1: With your key out of the ignition, connect your device to the OBDII port to power on your X4.  Using the down arrow, highlight “Gauges/Datalog” and select it by pressing the center button on the keypad.
    Step 2: Turn the key to the ON position, and use the left arrow to select “Configuration” at the bottom of the screen.
    Step 3: Select your vehicle type from the list of Datalog Files provided using the down arrow key and selecting “Continue”.
    Step 4: See “Editing a Gauge” and “Editing Gauge Layout” to configure your display.
    Step 5: Once you have your layout and gauges selected, start your vehicle.
    Step 6: To record, press the center button on the keypad.
    Step 7: To stop/end your datalog, press the left or right button and select “Stop Datalog”.

    Editing a Gauge

    To edit a gauge you will use the up or down arrows to highlight the gauge/parameter you would like to change, then press the center button on your keypad

    A. Item: Here you will find a list of parameters that are preloaded on your device.  You can find the Analog Inputs at the bottom of this list.
    B. Unit: Based on the item you have chosen from the list, the unit will change to the corresponding unit of measure.  If you are choosing an Analog Input, you will need to select the appropriate preset equation based on your analog source.
    C. Available Equations: We have preset the most common equations as a list to choose from

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