110D5- Married Status Check Failed (Incorrect Vehicle)

    Also Applies to X4 and Livewire TS(+) Devices

    This indicates that the stock file has been corrupted in the device, this usually occurs after updating while married. This can also occur if the device was tuned and then demo mode was turned on. 

    • Check if the device is in demo mode: From the main menu go to (Device Settings). Scroll to the bottom and you will see demo mode, make sure it says disabled, or off.  
    • If Demo mode is off and you are still receiving this error, we will need to troubleshoot the issue live.
    • Corvette ONLY (turn key to the on position before hooking up the device and ignore all key prompts through the tuning process)

    Please give us a call with the device, vehicle, and access to a windows PC so we can recover the stock file and you will then be able to return your vehicle to stock.

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