Can't Open Strategy Code in Advantage

    September 17th, 2021

     Have you purchased a single code or a package for use with the Advantage III software?

    • If you purchased a single code (Pro Racer package): Try opening the strategy code using the 4-digit box code from your ECM.
    • If you purchased a Package: Confirm that the strategy and or SWPN is correct.  Also, make sure an "O" and a "0" aren't mixed up.

     You can chat into sales to make sure the correct code is active on your dongle.  To chat with sales, click here, select "Chat, " and select sales from the dropdown menu.  They will be able to tell you if you are using the correct strategy, and that it is active for your Advantage III dongle ID.

     If the strategy is being entered correctly and sales tell you that you have the correct package, it may be unsupported currently. In which case we'll need to add support to our database.  To do that, we will need you to email the stock file from your device to

    For instructions on how to get the stock file to email support click here.


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