How to Reset a GTX

    June 23rd, 2021


    An unlock should only be purchased when:

    1.  Your device is either married/installed on a vehicle that you are no longer able to return back to stock due to not having the vehicle anymore.
    2.  You bought a used tuner that was locked.  
    3.  Your device is out of the five-vehicle unlocks. (Single VIN lock on a GT)

    Remotely unlocking your device does not add any additional features to your device.

    Note: This service is non-refundable and this service is not available in the state of California. 

    The GTX devices can be reset remotely by contacting our sales team.  There is a $150 non-refundable charge to reset a GTX.

    In order to get your device reset, or unlocked,  you will need to have the device with you and powered on when you call Sales.

    Sales can be reached at (407)774-2447.  Make sure to press the number for Sales to save time.

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