110D8- Acknowledgement Failed

    October 31st, 2018

    This means "Acknowledgement Failed"

    Things to try/Check for:

    • Check vbatt under device info with the key off.
    • Check vbatt under device info with the key on.
    • Key on vBatt lower than 11.7? Charge battery
    • Difference between key on and key off vbatt more than 0.5 volts? Charge battery
    • Aftermarket electronics? Pull fuses for all aftermarket parts.
    • The vehicle may have an electronic issue if the voltage changes quickly.
    • Do a battery reset and read/clear DTCs
    • Verify we support your vehicle for this function per our website.

    If you continue to run into this error, please contact our Technical Support Team using the "Contact Us" button below. Please make sure to have your device, vehicle, and access to a PC computer.

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