How to get an SUL file to send to a Bully Dog Custom Tuner

    November 25th, 2020

    How can I get an SUL file to send to a Bully Dog Custom Tuner?

    Common Code GM/DCX SUL (Stock Upload) Process

    Step 1- Connect Device to vehicle data port (OBD2)

    Step 2- Highlight and select Vehicle Info

    Picture 1

    Step 3- Turn Key to On/Run position. DO NOT START VEHICLE!  Picture 2

    Step 4-Vehicle Information will populate. (VIN, Strategy/Part Numbers, Etc.) Picture 3

    Step 5- Once Vehicle Info has been retreived, exit to Main Menu and Select Program Vehicle option.

    Picture 4

    Step 6- Verify Vehicle Info is correct and matched the vehicle you are flashing.If info does match, select continue.

    Picture 5

    Step 7- On Device Updates screen, select continue to ensure that the device gets the latest firmware that is available.

    Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10

    Step 8- At this point in time you will skip cloud tunes.

    Picture 11

    Step 9- Once you have reached the Street Use Notice screen, you will highlight and select Upload Stock option.

    Picture 12

    Step 10- Turn the key to the Run/On postion. DO NOT START VEHICLE!

    Picture 13

    Step 11- The device will now proceed to unlock vehicle processor and begin saving vehicle stock file (SUL)

    Picture 14 Picture 15

    Step 12- When prompted, turn the key off. The device will now do a power down on the vehicle processor.

    Picture 16 Picture 18

    Step 13- The device will process and then save the SUL that it just retrieved from the vehicle.

    Picture 19 Picture 20 Picture 21

    Step 14- Plug device into computer and open Device Updater (download from https://www.bullydog.ctom/suppor)

    Step 15- Select Get Stock File from Device option.

    Step 16- Select location to save device files

    Step 17- Updater will now save the .BEF and .SUL files from the device

    It will prompt you when this process is complete

    Step 18- Open location you saved files and send them to your Custom Tuning Dealer.

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