Adjusting power levels and/or tuning levels on a Bully Dog Tuner.

    November 11th, 2020

    How do I adjust the power/tuning levels on a Bully Dog Tuner?

    Gas applications and 2011+ Duramax diesel: 

    1. Go to install download

    2. Select modify settings or modify tuning when prompted. 

    All other diesel applications:

    1. Make sure the GT programming is installed

    2. Press the top right button to increase the power level and the bottom right button to decrease power level.  

    What is the engine warm up feature?

    This is a feature that is enabled out of the box. The truck will run in the “NO POWER” mode until the engine coolant reaches the set temperature. The default temp is set at 172 degrees F. 

    How do I set defuel levels on a Bully Dog GT Tuner?

    The GT has safety defuel levels that can be set up or turned off.

     To adjust them:

    1. Go to the main menu

    2. Select vehicle setup

    3. Select set defuel levels. 

    From there you can select each one individually, choose whether you want the defuel on, or off. If on, select the temperature you would like it to activate at. For example coolant temp. If you select coolant and have the defuel setting on, and it is set to 220 degrees F, once the engine coolant gets to 220 the GT will automatically change the power level down to “no power” until that temperature gets below the threshold of 210 set up in this menu. Once below the threshold, It will return to the previously selected power level.

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