How to Get a SUL file on a Bully Dog GT Tuner

    How do I get a SUL file with a GT to send my custom tuner?

    How can I get a SUL file on a Bully Dog GT Tuner?

    1. If this is a brand new tuner and has not been installed yet select “Menu” from the start-up screen and scroll up to select “Change Vehicle”. You will need to select the Make/Model/Engine of the vehicle you will be custom tuning. If it has been installed on a vehicle, make sure the device is returned to stock.  To verify, go to the "Menu", then select "Show Settings"  Next to Status it should say "Not Installed".

    2. Turn the key to the run position without starting the vehicle. 

    3.    Power on the GT by connecting via OBDII. Within the “Menu” scroll down to “Vehicle Info”, select “Vehicle Info”. With the key in the On position, the Serial # and the Primary strategy will auto-populate. 

    4. If the information does not auto-populate, you will need to select “Request Strategies From Vehicle”. You will send all of the information that appears on the GT screen to your custom tuning dealer to get a custom tune created. 




    a. The strategy may be a part number, VIN number or Strategy 

    b. 2007.5+ GM Gas, LBZ (2006-early 2007) and LMM (2007.5-2010) Duramax diesel vehicles require that you select the “Export SUL File” option from the Vehicle Info screen. Customer will send this .sul to the dealer. NOTE you may only request vehicle strategy if the vehicle is stock. If a Bully Dog preloaded tune is installed on the vehicle you will need to return the vehicle to stock before continuing. 

    c. The .sul file is labeled as GMADV.SUL. It will be found on the BDCARD in the CUSTOM folder on the micro SD card of the device. 


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