Bully Dog GT Tuner Will Not Power on in my Vehicle Anymore

    November 11th, 2020

    Bully Dog GT Tuner will not power on in my vehicle anymore

    Most of the time this means there is a bad connection or the fuse that you have the OBDII adapter plug attached to is blown.

    Some things to try:

    • Using a test light or a voltmeter, test the 2-amp fuse on the OBDII adapter plug to make sure there is power there.
      • If there is power, please contact our Technical Support Team to further troubleshoot the issue.
    • If there is no power at the fuse, then unplug the power wire barrel connector from the OBDII adapter and test the inside of the barrel for power. 
      • If there is power, then the OBDII adapter will need to be replaced (part number: 40400-105). Click Here to purchase one from our website.
      • If there is no power inside the barrel connector, check the wire, and the connection at the fuse box.

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