Brake, ABS, and Traction Control Lights On

    2013+ Dodge Cummins

    Why are my Brake, ABS, and/or Traction Control Lights on?

    These symptoms will appear on the 2013+ 6.7L Cummins when the tire size is set with the engine running. 

    To correct the issue follow the steps below. 

    -Turn key on, but leave the engine off.

    -Access the main menu on your GT device.

    -Scroll down to "Diagnostics" and select clear DTC's.

    -After you are back to the Main Menu, select the special functions option and navigate to "Tire size"

    -Set your tire size to the correct size and follow the prompts

    -Once complete, press "Go Back" until you see the main menu

    -Turn key off, at this point the tire size has been properly set and the issue will be resolved. 

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