Error Code 334 on a Bully Dog GT Tuner for GM Gas Vehicles

    November 17th, 2021

    This error is specific to the Classic Body style (99-07) on GM gas vehicles. In order to correct the issues, you will need to do the following:

    1. Disconnect the device from the vehicle.

    2. Hook up the head unit to a computer with a mini USB cable, or you may pull the SD card out and then plug the SD card into the computer using an SD card reader/adapter. *NOTE: If you use the head unit and a mini USB cable, leave the device in its USB mode. It will be displayed on the screen of the device.

    3. Locate the files specific to your vehicle's engine from the list below. Download the files and continue to step 4. 

         Click HERE to download files if your vehicle is a 4.8L

         Click HERE to download files if your vehicle is a 5.3L

         Click HERE to download files if your vehicle is a 6.0L

         ClickHERE to download files if your vehicle is an 8.1L 

    4. After downloading the files for your vehicle's engine, locate the folder it has saved on your computer. 

    5. Right-click on the folder and select "extract all"  

    6. If the new unzipped folder does not open automatically you will need to locate the new unzipped folder on your computer and open it. It is usually on the desktop screen or in your downloads folder.

    7. After you have the new folder opened you will see a folder labeled "Copy" and a "BullyDogCopy" Double click on "BullyDogCopy." As long as the head unit or SD card is connected to the computer, press the button that says "Press When SD is Connected." This will automatically transfer the files onto the "BDCARD" 

    8. Once the transfer is complete, return to the vehicle and plug the device back in. 

    9. Access the main menu and scroll down until you see the "Update GT Software." Select the update and press yes when prompted. The device will reset. 

    10. After the device has booted itself back up you can go back to the "Install Download" and install your desired tune.

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