How do I Use the Cummins Unlock Cable with the Bully Dog BDX or GTX Tuner?

    Where to plug the Cummins Unlock cable in.

    How do I use the Cummins unlock cable with my Bully Dog BDX or GTX Tuner?

    The Cummins unlock cables (42214) that are required for the Cummins ECM unlock where originally only used for the GT.  It will come with the GT tuner instructions.  The BDX will differ slightly since the additional OBD cable (included) is not needed. You will ONLY be using the 3 prong connector cable.  The OBD cable will NOT be used. 

    1. You will connect your BDX to your vehicle via the OBDII port under the dash. 
    2. Plug the 3 prong end of the unlock cable into the datalink port under the hood on the driver's side (pictured below)
    3. Plug the other end of the unlock cable coming from the engine to the side of the cable that comes with the BDX (OBDII cable) as pictured below.
    4.  Make sure everything is connected before starting the programming of the vehicle.  
    5. Once the programming is done and the vehicle is tuned, disconnect the unlock cable.  Since this ECM is now unlocked you will not need the unlock cable again, unless the ECM gets replaced. 

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