How Do I Email a Livelink Data Log File for a Bully Dog BDX or GTX Tuner?

    December 10th, 2021

    With our cloud-enabled devices like the GTX and BDX, you can easily send your datalog files directly to your email or you can go the traditional route using your PC computer. 

    Method 1: Using your Cloud Functionality (If you are not using a BDX or GTX Device, please skip to Method 2)

    *FIRST THING: Please log in and register your device at either or to enable all Cloud delivery or Cloud functions

    1. You will start by powering on your device via your OBD-II/HDMI cable or with the included USB cable
    2. Navigate the menu to find and select DEVICE SETTINGS
    3. Now, scroll down to highlight and select CLOUD DATALOG UPLOAD
    4. If you do not already have the ENABLED option selected showing a checkbox to the left of the option, let’s highlight the option and select it
    5. After making your selection, you will be pushed back to the DEVICE SETTINGS menu where you will then highlight and select CLOUD FILE SYNC followed by CONTINUE
    6. Once the SYNC process completes, you will check the registered email address that you used or entered to Register your device. You should have an email containing your Datalog File.
    7. With the email, you could download the Datalog File to use on your Personal computer or forward the email to your custom tune dealer.
    8. You could also use the CLOUD SYNC  option to ensure your latest Cloud Custom Tune files are available to select before you begin the tuning process at your vehicle.

    Method 2: Using your PC Computer:

    After data logging your vehicle with your device, 

    1. Disconnect the unit from the vehicle and head inside to your Windows PC where you have the Livelink Gen-II Software installed. If you do not have Livelink downloaded please Click Here to initiate the download.
    2. With Livelink Gen-II open, Please select the "I want to import a datalog from a device" button and follow the displayed steps. 
    3. Connect your device and select Next. 
    4. Select the Check Communication button followed by Import File once the device info populates. Your data log file will open for review. 
    5. To Export for email, select the Save (Save All) button which is found at the top of the program window. The file type once saved will be a .csv file. Email this file which displays your vehicle performance during your last run.

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