How to Tell if a Triple Dog is Locked To a Vehicle

    Checking to see if tune is installed


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    This product and part numbers are no longer supported at all. This means that our technical support staff can no longer troubleshoot, unlock or offer any other assistance for these products.

    1. Plug the device into the vehicle, once it powers up if it goes to the On the fly(OTF) screen, then the tuner is locked to a vehicle.
    2. To see what vehicle it is locked to go to the main menu
    3. If there is a settings option in the menu, select that by pressing Y followed by the right arrow (top right button).  If there is not a settings option in the menu just press the right arrow.
    4. The next screen will show a VIN, and or a vehicle part number to the vehicle that the tuner is locked to.
    5. Unplug the device to get off this screen.

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