SCT Switch Chip Installation

    December 29th, 2021

    PLEASE BE AWARE: The vehicle must be turned off and you must remove the keys from the ignition and disconnect both batteries to prevent power from being applied to the computer during installation. Do not switch your ignition to the run or accessory position during installation (i.e. do not play your radio). Failure to leave the ignition switched off will cause damage to your computer or to the SCT® switch chip.


    Removal of Stock computer:

    • Remove the negative battery terminal wire. 
    • Locate the stock computer. 
    • The PCM is held in place by a 7/32" or 5.5mm bolt, this bolt must be removed first. 
    • A 10mm socket is required to remove the wiring harness from the computer. The 10mm bolt is located at the center of the wiring harness. As you loosen it, the connector will slowly release from the harness.

    Stock Computer Connector Preparation:

    • Once you have the computer removed, locate the end opposite the wiring harness connector. 
    • This end usually has either a small plastic or thin metal cover, pry this cover off gently.
    • A double-sided flat electrical connector will now be exposed. You will notice the terminals have a conformal coating on them; this MUST be removed THOROUGHLY, or the chip will not make proper contact with the computer! 
    • To remove the plastic or grease coating covering the terminals, the cover of the computer must be removed (the hole exposing the contacts is not large enough to clean the contacts sufficiently). 
    • To remove the cover, remove the hex screws on the body of the computer; the top and bottom of the cover will now lift away exposing the board.
    •  Early connectors are covered in white grease, later ones in a plastic film. It is imperative that the contacts are cleaned properly. Both the top and bottom! 
    • Use a tool to scrape and peel as much of the coating off the connector as you can. Make sure to do this on BOTH sides of the connector.
    • Use an awl, craft knife or paper clip to carefully clean all the coating from BETWEEN the contacts on both sides. Do not scratch the metal contacts with the awl, craft knife or paper clip. 
    • For grease use clean rags and alcohol.

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