SCT Products No Longer Supported

    Last Updated 4/1/2021


    Please Be Advised:

    These products and part numbers are no longer supported at all. This means that our technical support staff can no longer troubleshoot, unlock or offer any other assistance for these products.

    The list below is an example of the discontinued list that will no longer receive support.  This is a large list and contains the vast majority of items but is in no way an exhaustive list.

    Click on the categories below for individual Part numbers.

    Livewire TS

    5015 Ford  Livewire TS Performance Programmer & Monitor
    5416 GM  Livewire TS Performance Programmer & Monitor



    3000 SCT X3 Power Flash Ford Programmer
    3030 SCT Ford Economizer Programmer
    3067 SF3 Ford 6.7L Power Flash Tuner
    3100 SF3  Duramax Diesel Trucks
    3400 SCT X3 Power Flash General Motors Programmer
    3415 SF3 GM Device
    3416 SCT SF3 Power Flash General Motors Programmer
    3015EO SCT SF3 EO 50 State Legal Power Flash Ford Programmer
    3030EO SCT Ford Economizer EO Programmer
    3015 SF3 Power Flash Device


    9600 Ford Livewire
    C9600 Ford Livewire


    9400 Ford X2 (Blank)
    9415 Ford SF (Preloaded)
    9500 GM X2
    9550 DCX X2
    9415A Ford SF (Preloaded)
    9415B Ford SF (Preloaded)


    9300 Ford X1 (Blank)


    8900 Touch Screen Xtreme

    Tractor Boost

    SCT-CAT-01 Tractor Boost
    SCT-CT9-00 Tractor Boost
    SCT-CT9-01 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-00 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-01 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-02 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-03 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-04 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-06 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-07 Tractor Boost
    SCT-LPT-08 Tractor Boost
    SCT-TX-00 Tractor Boost
    SCT-TX-01 Tractor Boost
    SCT-V4T-01 Tractor Boost
    SCT-V4T-02 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-01 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-03 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-04 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-05 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-07 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-08 Tractor Boost
    SCT-VPD-09 Tractor Boost

    In-Line Module

    5200 Dodge Cummins Multi Program Module
    5201 Dodge Cummins 5.9 Diesel 1998-2002 Power Module
    5202 2003-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9 Diesel Power Module


    9715 SCT Dash Scan Monitor

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