When Loading a Tune from my SCT Tuner, I Get Asked to Adjust Options. What are These Options?

    December 22nd, 2021

    *Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles

    WOT SHIFT - Increase or Decrease the WOT Shift points of each gear individually by mph.

    SHIFT PRESSURE - % change in transmission pressure during shifts. (+=firmer) (-=softer)


    OCTANE-BASED TUNES - Gas Vehicles preloaded tunes vary Performance levels by Octane. Premium fuel will provide the best performance increase.

    TOWING TUNE - Adjusts the Octane-based tunes to focus more on towing over performance.

    ECONOMY TUNE - Adjusts the Octane-based tunes to focus on the economy over performance.

    GLOBAL SPARK - Add or Remove Timing Advance to the entire RPM range.

    SPARK BY RPM - Add or Remove Timing by RPM Range. (0-2000)(2000-4000)(4000-8000)

    WOT FUEL - Add or Remove Fuel at Wide Open Throttle. (WOT)

    FUEL INJECTORS - Allows you to adjust for different sized injectors. (Not available on all vehicles)

    FAN CONTROL - Lowers the Temperature at which the Fan turns on.

    REV LIMITER - Sets Rev Limit in RPM

    SPEED LIMITER - Remove, Increase or Decrease the vehicle speed limiter. (Aka governor)

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