My Device Does Not Power up While Connected to my Vehicle. It Does, however, Power on While Connected to my PC.

    X4, BDX

    • Have you tried connecting the device to a different vehicle? This can be a quick way to determine if this could be a device or vehicle issue.
    • If you do not have access to another vehicle then you can check your vehicle fuses that power your OBDII port. (This varies by vehicle, please check the vehicle's owners manual)
    • If the device powers up in a different vehicle, then there is an issue with the first vehicle.  Typically it is a blown fuse that powers up the OBDII port.  In many instances, it is tied in with the Cig Ltr fuse, but check your owner manual to be sure.

    If the device fails to power up at multiple vehicles and/or you can confirm that your OBDII port has power, we will need to do some live troubleshooting.

    Please contact our Technical Support Team, using the "Contact Support" button below. Please make sure to have your device, the vehicle, and access to a PC Computer so that we can troubleshoot.

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