How Do I Adjust Tire Size or TPMS?

    December 27th, 2021

    This function is not available for all applications. If you are unsure if your vehicle supports this function, you can chat with our Sales Team using the "Contact Support" button below.

    There are 2 different processes to apply these changes to your tune depending on the year of your vehicle.

    1. User Adjustable Options-
      • During the install process, you will get an option for "User Adjustable Options" where you can define changes to your tune that are available.
      • If you do not see the option for Tire Size or TPMS functions then proceed to the 2nd process below.
    2. Special Functions-
      • Install your desired tune into your vehicle from your device
      • From the main menu, select "Vehicle Functions"
      • Choose your function and press "apply"

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