How Do I Know if my SCT Tuner/Device is VIN Locked or Not?

    December 27th, 2021

    Check on your Device:

    1. Connect the device to your vehicle or your Windows PC to power on the device. 
    2. Navigate the menu to find and select Device Info. 
    3. Scroll down until you find/See the Device Married and/or Paired Status.
      • BDX and GTX Devices will show "Paired" if they are VIN locked to a vehicle
      • All other devices will show "Married" if they are VIN locked to a vehicle

    Check at your Windows PC:

    1. Connect the device to your Windows PC where you have the Device Updater software installed. (To download this software Click Here
    2. At the PC, you will open the Device Updater software then select the Display Device Settings and Serial Number. 
    3. Look to the upright corner and if the box next to the word "Married" is checked, then the device is married to a vehicle. If the box is unchecked, then the device isn't married and is considered to be unmarried in this case.

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