Advantage III

    About Advantage III

    Basic Info:

    Advantage III is Derive Systems custom tuning software suite.
    Currently, Advantage supports most 1996 and newer Ford, GM, and DCX applications. There are exceptions, but for the most part, it covers a wide variety. There is even support from some older non-OBD2 vehicles.
    Custom tuning dealers around the world use Advantage to create custom calibrations for various vehicles.
    Advantage III is essentially a graphical user interface used to change the OEM calibration. We can modify thousands of parameters such as spark, fuel, boost, torque management, and transmission tuning, etc.

    Value Files:

    Value Files are very helpful and can help save time when tuning a car.  Value Files are saved tuning values.  Derive Systems provides many good Value  Files with Advantage, and they are updated on occasion.

    There are several options available in the File Menu that relate to value files.

    • Save All Values - This option will save all of the values in the open tune file into a Value File for later use.

    • Save Selected Values - This option will save only the parameters selected into a Value File for later use.

    • Load All Values - This option is used for loading in all of the changes in a Value File.

    • Load Selected Values - This option will load only the values from a value file that are selected in the open tune.

    Lost and Damaged Dongles:

    Lost and damaged Dongles can be replaced for $50. Simply call and connect with our sales team to purchase a new Dongle today.

    You can download Advantage HERE.

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