What is the Difference Between Preload and Custom Tunes on my Tuner?

    December 14th, 2021

    A Preloaded Tune is a DYNO Proven tune file, created by our calibrators, that INCREASES HORSEPOWER and TORQUE! Preloaded Tunes are available right out of the box. The Preload Tune file may have options to account for vehicle modifications like an aftermarket Intake, gears, or even tire size adjustments to resolve speedometer issues. Custom Tunes are tune files made by an Individual using the Derive Advantage III software then uploaded onto the device. 

    A Custom Tune is a tune written specifically for you based on the modifications to your vehicle and/or your driving preferences. Custom Tunes can only be purchased by one of our Authorized Custom Tuning Dealers.

    Typically there are 2 different ways to acquire a custom tune.

    1. Mail order tune- any of our Authorized Custom Tuning Dealers around the world are capable of creating and sending custom tunes remotely if you do not have a preferred Tuner locally. Typically your Tuner will then have you datalog your vehicle and make any changes needed that way if needed.
    2. A Dyno Tune is created by going to a speed shop/tuner in person with your vehicle, putting it on the dyno and having the tuner dial it in, in real-time.

    *Custom Tunes may be required if we do not offer preloaded tunes for your vehicle on your device. Check our Website to see our latest support.

    *Custom Tunes are made available by our Authorized Dealer Network for an additional charge. Pricing, terms of sale, and return policies are solely at the discretion of the place that you purchase them. To find an Authorized Dealer near you, Click Here

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