110C3 Selected Custom Tune Is Not Compatible With Vehicle.

    December 17th, 2021

    Things to check:

    • Check to see if the device is in Demo Mode: From the main menu go to "Device Settings".  Scroll to the bottom and you will see Demo mode, make sure it says disabled, or off.
    • Make sure if using a custom tune, that it is written for the correct ECU strategy of your vehicle. To check your vehicle's ECU strategy: Select “VEHICLE INFO” then Select “Continue”  displaying your VIN, COMM, and ECU Strategy.  If the strategies don't match, you will need to get a tune that matches your vehicle's strategy.
    • Check to see if there is an update available on the Device Updater.
    • Steps to update:
      • Make sure you have the Device Updater Software installed on your Windows PC. If you do not have it please click here 
      • After downloading and installing our Updater Software open the program. There should be an icon on your desktop.
      • Once Updater is open on your desktop. Plugin your device. 
      • With the device plugged in select Automatically Check for Updates from the Basic Operations menu.
      • Your device should start to Update. Notice the bottom bar it will let you know what part of the update it’s on.  This can take some time so be patient.  Your internet connection and computer speed can impact updating times.  The average time is 5-10 minutes but can take hours if the device hasn't been updated in a long time. 
      • You know you are done when SCT Device Updater displays "Device is up to date!

    If your device is up to date and is on a supported vehicle, loading a "Stock" custom tune to the vehicle will correct this issue.  A stock custom tune is just your vehicle's stock tune made into a custom tune with no changes.  Once that is complete you will be able to tune as normal without this error.

    To get a Stock Custom tune without having to call in, wait on hold, etc. email the information below to faqhelp@derivesystems.com.  Put "Stock Custom" in the subject line.

    Required Vehicle Information:

    1. Year:
    2. Make:
    3. Model:
    4. VIN:
    5. ECU Strategy:
    6. ECU SWPN:
    7. .BEF file attached to the email

    Click here for the steps to get the required Vehicle Information.

    1. Plug your device into the OBDII port on your vehicle.
    2. Select "Vehicle Info" from the main menu.

         3. Select "Continue".

    4. After selecting continue it will show you the VIN number the device read, along with the strategy and part numbers associated with that vehicle.


    Click here for the steps to get the .BEF file needed

    How to get a .bef file

    1. Plug the device into the computer and open up the Device Updater.
    2. On the device updater, select the bottom option “Get Stock File from Device”.


          3.  On the Device Updater, you will then select “browse” and select where you want to save the file. You can either save it directly to the desktop, or to a new folder.


          4.  After the file is saved, you will find it in the location you selected.  The file will be saved as your serial number.bef. For example XXXXXXXXXXXXX.bef


    Click here for steps to load a Stock Custom tune to your device

    How to load a stock custom tune file

    To load a Stock Custom Tune to your device:

    1. Open up the device updater, and select “load custom tune file”.

           2.  On the next page select “browse” to locate the custom tune, then select the custom tune that you have been emailed. Go to wherever you saved it from the email whether on your desktop or a folder on your PC.

          3.  On the device updater you will need to highlight the stock custom tune on the left side under available tunes, then select “>>" to Add to Device.


          4.  Once the custom tune shows up under “on device” on the right, select “Program” below.

          5.  It can take a few minutes to load the custom tune to the device, you will see a progress bar at the bottom of the device updater, and you will see a message saying “Custom Tune Programming Complete”.


          6. At this point, the Stock Custom tune is loaded to the device. You are now ready to go to the vehicle, select “Program Vehicle” from the main menu. Follow the prompts on the screen and select “custom tunes” from there you will be able to select the “stock” custom tune to install.
     7. After you have installed the stock custom to your vehicle, you should be able to go back into "Program Vehicle" and tune as normal.


    Note:  Emails received outside our normal business hours will be replied to on the next business day.

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