Code 524

    November 17th, 2021

    Code 524 is caused by an incorrect key cycle during the install or no battery charger being hooked up.  DO NOT TURN THE KEY OFF.

     IF you have NOT cycled the key and you DO have a battery charger hooked up to the vehicle's battery, unplug the device, plug it back in, and go to install download on the main menu in order to attempt to recover the ECM back to stock.

    If you did cycle the key or did not have a battery charger on while trying to tune, there is a good chance that the ECM (vehicle's computer) is dead.  Many times our engineering team can recover these in-house with little to no cost to you.  This requires you to send the ECM and the tuning device to us.  Please contact our Technical support for further details on this process. If the ECM is unrecoverable we may be able to help locate a replacement for a discount or a reasonable price.

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