How Do I Get Custom Tuning Software for my SCT Tuner?

    December 27th, 2021

    There are two types of custom tuning packages available. 

    1. As a consumer, you can purchase a Pro-Racer Package, which will allow you to use our software to tune one vehicle.  We do not sell this particular package directly, you can purchase it from one of our custom tuning dealers or distributors. You can locate one here.
    2. If you own a shop and want to become a Custom Tuning Dealer: 
      • You will be required to be approved as an Authorized Reseller first. Click Here for more information about becoming a reseller
      • Once you are approved, One of our Account Managers will reach out to you to discuss the best options for your business.
      • New Custom Tuning Dealers are required to meet a minimum first-time buy-in of $2500. (All software and product purchases will be applied to this buy-in.)

    For more information feel free to contact our sales department.

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