Reading/Clearing Vehicle Check Engine Light Using X4

    December 27th, 2021

    If you are experiencing a check engine light on your dashboard, you will be able to retrieve the code and read the cause of the code using your X4. You can also clear these codes if you have fixed the problem that was causing the check engine light.
    Step 1: Once the device is powered on using the OBDII cable provided, scroll down to highlight “Vehicle Diagnostics”.  Press the center button on the X4 keypad to select.
    Step 2: Use the up or down arrow button to choose “Read” or “Clear” DTC Codes.
    READ DTC: Turn the vehicle key to the ON position and select continue. The device will automatically detect and display any codes that may be present.  You will be able to read the definition of the code by scrolling and selecting the code being displayed.  To go back to the list of DTC’s, highlight and select the back button.
    CLEAR DTC: Turn the vehicle key to the ON position and select “Continue”.  The device will display “Clear Codes Complete, Turn Key Off”.  Your DTC codes have now been cleared. Select Exit, and Exit again to get back to the Main Menu.

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