11047 - General Error During Flash Setup

    November 19th, 2021

    After checking the items listed below, try installing again.

    • Make sure your device is fully up to date.  Plug into the Device Updater and Check for Updates.  If there is an update available, update it.
    • Check "Vbatt" under "Device Info"  from the main menu and make sure it's above 11.7volts. This is the voltage the ECM is seeing from the vehicle battery.   If it is not above 11.7, charge your battery.
    • Disconnect any aftermarket electronics in the vehicle.  Things such as but not limited to; cell phone chargers, Aftermarket decks, amplifiers, GPS's, radar detectors, aftermarket remote start systems, light bars, winches, air compressors, etc.

    If you are still having the issue after trying all of the above, please contact our Tech support for further troubleshooting assistance.

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