My Security/PATS Light is Flashing After Tuning my Ford Diesel Excursion 7.3L. What do I? do?

    November 22nd, 2021

    This isn't a common issue. Please return the vehicle to stock and ensure the vehicle starts. If the vehicle does not start or your device fails to return the vehicle to stock, give our Customer Success team a call while near the vehicle with your device and a PC within walking distance. We may need the PC with internet access to download the vehicle stock file from the device.

    Note: This technique will only work on the Ford Diesel Excursion 7.3L

    If you have a diesel Excursion, there is a quicker way to reset the PATS system.

    THIS ENTIRE PROCEDURE IS CRITICAL! Ensure this procedure is started with the key COMPLETELY OUT OF THE IGNITION

    1) Ensure the key is OUT OF THE IGNITION to begin.
    2) Insert the key into the ignition
    3) Turn the key ON, DO NOT START THE VEHICLE.
    4) Look at the Theft light on the dash, the theft light will be blinking rapidly... approximately 3 blinks per second, indicating theft.
    5) After a period of 30-45 Seconds. Theft Light will blink slowly and/or go out.
    6) Now, turn the key to the OFF position and remove it from the ignition. DO NOT TRY TO START THE VEHICLE.
    7) Pause 10 seconds with key OUT of the ignition.
    8) Insert the key into the ignition.
    9) Turn the key ON, but DO NOT START THE VEHICLE.
    10) Look at the theft light on the dash, The Theft Light will be blinking slowly... 1 blink per second (normal mode)
    11) After the wait to start light goes out, the customer can then crank and start the vehicle.

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