How Do I Power on the iTSX/TSX for Android?

    December 29th, 2021

    Using the Vehicle:

    1. Locate the vehicle’s OBD Diagnostic port. This connector is usually located under the vehicle's dashboard on the driver’s side. The port may be covered with a cap or compartment door labeled OBD Diagnostic Port.
    2. If the connector pins are covered or the port is located behind a compartment door, remove the cap or open the compartment door.
    3. Connect the iTSX/TSX for Android to the vehicles OBD Diagnostic port.

    Using the Computer:

    1. Install SCT Device Updater before connecting your unit via USB
    2. Locate the computers USB port. This port can be found on the front or the back of the computer, if using a laptop the ports will usually be on either side of the laptop.
    3. Using the USB cable provided connect the USB end of the cable to the PC and the other to the device.

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