Unpairing the iTSX/TSX for Android Device for use with a Different Mobile Device

    December 29th, 2021

    NOTE: Not properly "un-pairing" the iTSX/TSX for Android device before attempting to use it with another device may result in the iTSX/TSX for Android device becoming un-responsive and non-discoverable in the Bluetooth setup area. Be sure to follow the "UnPairing" procedure below to properly "un-pair" your iTSX/TSX for Android device.

    Un-Pairing the iTSX/TSX for Android device:

    1. From the iTSX/TSX for Android App, touch the "Info" menu item from the main screen.
    2. When presented with the "Info" screen, touch the "Un-Pair from Accessory" menu item in the "Accessory Info" section of the "Info" screen.
    3. The iTSX/TSX for Android App will display a confirmation screen to confirm you wish to "un-pair" from the iTSX/TSX for Android device.
    4. To confirm you wish to "un-pair" the iTSX/TSX for Android, touch the "Yes, UnPair" button to "un-pair", or touch "No, don't UnPair" if you wish to cancel "un-pairing".
    5. When "un-pairing" from the iTSX/TSX for Android device, a message box will be displayed prompting you to complete the final steps in "un-pairing".

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