The Bully Dog Device Will Not Power on in the Vehicle When the Key is On.

    November 12th, 2020

    What do I do if my Bully Dog GT Tuner will not power on when they key is on?


    • Verify the power wire has been installed to a key powered source, preferably a key powered fuse that is 5 to 15 amps. (The front windshield wiper fuse is usually perfect but this can vary by vehicle)
    • Double check that the OBD2 block is set to KEY power.

    If both requirements are met and the device still won’t power on there could be an issue with the selected fuse (possibly blown) or may have a hardware defect with the device.

    If the fuse is not blown and a different fuse gives the same result then contact our Technical Support Team to further troubleshoot the issue.

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