Code 316 CAN Bus Receive Error no Data Received

    November 16th, 2021

    Code 316 means that the device requested information from the ECM, and it didn't get any response.

    • Make sure the device is on the correct application for your vehicle by going to "Show Settings" and the application will be listed at the bottom of that screen.
    • Make sure the key is in the run position with the engine off.
    • Check all the connections for the device.  make sure they are pushed all the way in, and that none of the plugs are damaged.  Make sure to check both ends of the HDMI cable, and the OBDII plug under the dash.
    • Make sure the device reads and monitors various parameters on the gauge screen.  Such as RPM, Coolant temp, etc.  If it doesn't read anything, or they are all 0's with the engine running, you can try swapping out the HDMI cable to see if that cures the issue.

    If you are still having issues after checking all of the above, give our Tech Support a call for further troubleshooting.  Make sure to have the vehicle, device, and a Windows PC with internet access available when calling in. 

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