10028 - Device Failed To Read its Settings

    June 14th, 2022

    This indicates that there is firmware corruption and potentially a hardware failure on your unit. This can also be triggered by a failed update over WIFI.


    • Check the Device info:  scroll down 4 quarters of the way and you will see “Vbatt” which usually next to it would indicate that there is an ADC error.
    • Check for Device Info: Tune Revision Check to see if it has a N/A or missing from the device. 
    • Use the Device updater, “display device settings and serial number” this way you can access the menu and be able to confirm if any of the data is missing. Without having to get into the device info menu.
    • If you find missing data, select Automatically check for updates.



    Device Name: LivewireTS

    Device Part#: 5015PN (FORD)

    Serial Number: LT010320814BF

    Firmware Version: build 0

    MB SCM: b03ea84

    Preloaded Tuning: Supported

    Custom Tuning: Supported

    Tune Revision: N/A

    Market: US

    Unlocks Left: 4

    Married Status: Unmarried

    Total Flashes: 9

    Support Info: N/A

    VBatt: ADC error

    Wifi Version: 0.0

    EEC Type: 65535





    If this all fails we will need you to contact our support team: 


    When contacting the support team, it is faster if you have the “Device Updater” and “TeamViewer” Running on a Windows PC when you contact us via Live Chat or telephone so we can further assist.

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