How do I Install my Device?

    June 23rd, 2021

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      Note: The below is an example.  Every application is different.  An option available on one vehicle may not be available on a different application. Some adjustable options are only available through Vehicle functions once the vehicle has been tuned.

    In this example, we will be focusing on the GT Gas but the GT Diesel will be similar and follows the same basic steps. 

    Once you power the device up by plugging it into the OBD2 port on the vehicle you should be able to press the top left button for the main menu. Once you are in the main menu you will have the option for “install download”. 


    Press the corresponding button on the left to begin the download.  It will verify the vehicle application is correct.  If it is correct you will select yes.

    You will have to read through the disclaimer and at the bottom, you will have to agree in order to continue.       

    After you accept the agreement you will be prompted to check your battery condition.  Select more when you are satisfied with your battery condition.


    It will “initialize” the download.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen.  When it tells you to turn the key to the run position that does not mean start your vehicle.  It will read the engine and transmission information and save it.


    At that point it will have a selection for “preloaded tune” and you will be able to select that.  Our gas tuning is based on the octane of fuel you run.  You will have an option of Regular or Premium tune, select the tune with what fuel you are running in the vehicle. For a list of potential options click here.


    Once you select the engine tune you are going to run it may ask for transmission tuning depending on the application

    Note:  Every vehicle application is different, and an option that is on one application may not be available on others.


     Depending on the application it may also ask if you want to adjust the speed limiter (AKA Governor).  



    Once that is done it may have you select tire size (depending on application.)

    It may ask if you want to adjust the axle ratio. Do not change this unless you have physically changed the Gears in the differential to a different ratio.


    After you have made all of the available options it will start the download process.

    How do I program a  BDX Tuner on my vehicle?

    To load a tune with a GTX to your vehicle do the following:

    • From the Home screen on the GTX select the "Tune" icon
    • Follow the on-screen prompts and turn the ignition to the "run" position
    • Once it reads the vehicle and downloads any files needed it will pull up a list of any available custom tunes that you may have loaded
    • Or you can continue with the preloaded tunes.
    • Continue following the on-screen instructions to complete the download.

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